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2023 Skin and Personal Care Trends


The new year is officially rolling, which means a new set of trending personal care ingredients! As skin minimalism gains traction and customers reduce their product footprint, they seek ingredients that pack a punch. Many currently trending skincare ingredients do just that, containing multiple benefits and purposes. Here are a few skin and personal care additives experts say will make waves in 2023.

Rosemary Oil

Although we know rosemary best for its contribution to the culinary arts, this aromatic herb is also a skin and hair care powerhouse. The oil cultivated from the rosemary plant is antibacterial, has antioxidant properties, and is anti-inflammatory - all great for fighting acne and eczema. It could even be good for your scalp, as
some evidence suggests it can prevent hair loss by improving nerve growth and circulation. However, one of the significant benefits of rosemary oil is its ability to strengthen and soothe hair, causing less breakage.

Snow Mushroom

Mushrooms have been slowly creeping onto the skincare scene for a couple of years now. This year, they are coming in strong. Interest in snow mushrooms, in particular, has seen significant growth. Skincare consumers are swapping out their hyaluronic acid for this all-natural hydration booster. Its polysaccharides (powerful carbohydrates) can easily penetrate your skin and hold 500 times its weight in water. What does that mean? Ultimate and lasting hydration for your skin. In addition, snow mushrooms contain beneficial antioxidants and other compounds that fight signs of aging and inflammation. No wonder we love the snow mushroom this year!

Kojic Acid

Mushrooms are indeed amazing, but the compounds derived from them are just as impressive. Kojic acid is one of them, and like the snow mushroom, it has a similar ability to penetrate deeper layers of your skin. It works a little differently, though. It can halt the production of melanin, the compound responsible for dark spots and skin pigmentation. Kojic acid has recently become popular in personal care products like bar soap because it is generally well-tolerated and can help to improve your complexion.

Winter Cherry

One of the most prominent trending ingredients this year is winter cherry. It has seen overall interest grow by 92% over the last year! Winter cherry is also known by its other names, ashwagandha or Indian ginseng, so you may have heard of it without even realizing it. We often see trends move from the food, drink, and supplement industries to skin and personal care. What consumers realize is good for them internally is sometimes just as beneficial as a topical or wash-off treatment. When ingested, winter cherry has been known to improve stress and sleep, and it can support immunity. When used on the skin, its compounds help to ease inflammation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and strengthen and hydrate.

While these four ingredients are certainly not the only ones expected to impact skincare in 2023, they will be at the top of consumers’ radar. Evidence-based, natural ingredients are the way to go as people seek more transparency from their favorite brands and simplicity in their skin and personal care routines.
Get in touch today to harness one of these trending additives in your next personal care formulation.    

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