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Introducing Our New Laundry Bar for Stain Removal


Forget the spray bottles, powders, and push pens. Bradford is re-innovating the laundry stain remover! The newest edition of our ever-evolving line of products is our Lavender Laundry Bar for stain removal. Although we don’t see many solid bars for laundry on the market today, it is a very classic idea. Utilizing soap as a stain remover is an older practice than using it for cleansing your skin. One of the earliest recorded uses of any soap was in Ancient Babylon, where it was used to clean wool and cotton textiles ( Soap History ). So why would we change that now? As the age-old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

What is it?

Our Lavender Bar is the perfect complement to your laundry routine. It is specifically formulated as a spot treatment for stubborn stains. Traditionally, laundry detergents contained Borax to help fight tough stains. Since Borax has a high EWG rating, we replaced it with a mild, natural ingredient packed with all of the stain-fighting power of its predecessor. The modernized bar boasts a clean ingredient list that is good for the environment.

What can you use it on?

Makeup, grease, dirt, oil, food stains, and even sticky items. Its classic lavender scent bonds well with the power of all-natural lemon. Our bar is vegan-friendly, zero-waste, and free from parabens, sulfates, and animal testing.

How does it work?

It is easy! Run the laundry bar under water or spot wet the stain. Work the bar into a lather, and rub it directly into the stain with medium pressure. Let it sit for a few minutes for extra tough or older stains. Next, toss the garment in with your regular load of laundry or gently rinse away the stain and air dry the piece of clothing. It is that simple.

This bar proves your grandmother does know best. Our laundry bar is excellent at removing tough stains and oils without harsh chemicals. This zero-waste formulation allows for targeted application and is gentle on the environment. Want to know more?
Get in touch with us today. Our ability to innovate and adapt to our client’s needs makes us the perfect partner for those looking to expand their customer base and grow as an industry leader.  


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