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Mood-Boosting, Aromatherapeutic Soaps and Beauty Bars


It has been a long winter. While we have all been hibernating over the last few months, trying to stay warm and relaxed, it is time to recharge. Boosting your mood with aromatherapeutic skincare products such as bar soap is a great way to invigorate the senses and influence positive energy. Evidence of aromatherapeutic techniques and their benefits can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Incense made from aromatic herbs, spices, and tree bark was burned to please their gods and cleanse the soul. Plant resins such as myrrh and frankincense were so valuable for medicinal reasons that they were sometimes considered more valuable than gold.

Today, aromatherapy comes in many different formats, from candles and diffusers to oils and soaps. Our favorite, of course, is aromatherapeutic bar soap. There is nothing better than one item having multiple benefits. Bar soaps and beauty bars are ideal vehicles for cleansing agents and aromatherapeutic ingredients: the perfect combination! Check out our top pick for the most spring-ready aromatherapeutic bars.

Bath and Body White Tea and Sage – This bar will undoubtedly help wake you up in the morning. This cleaner is packed with the aroma of fresh-brewed tea and earthy sage. 

Doterra Citrus Bliss – A blend of orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, and tangerine, this bar is the ultimate sensory experience.

Sunaroma Shea Butter – Sunaroma’s take on classic ingredients of frankincense and vanilla calms the skin, making this bar a great addition to an end-of-the-day warm bath.

Tom’s of Maine Creamy Coconut – Who doesn’t love the sweet scent of coconut? This triple-milled, gentle cleansing bar will give you a head start in thinking about summer.

Mrs. Meyer’s Plum Berry – Plum, berry, and lemon blend to create a bold, aromatherapeutic cleansing experience.
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